Enlarging Your Saline Breast Implants Without Major Surgery

Posted on: 12 September 2016

Most people assume that if you are going to make your breast implants bigger, you have to have surgery all over again. Well, that is only partly true. If your implants are silicone, then yes, you have to undergo another cosmetic procedure to make your breasts larger. However, if you have saline implants, you can make them larger without major surgery. Here is how that works.

Needle Fill

With some saline breast implants in the business, a sterile needle filled with saline is all that is needed to enlarge your breasts. The implants each have a small port, or opening, where the needle is inserted and the implants are filled with a higher volume of saline. These ports are often located very close to the skin and underneath the bulk of the breast tissue so that the ports cannot be felt unless you are looking for them. Your surgeon may either use an ultrasound machine to guide the needle into the port to fill the implants, or he/she may make a tiny incision into the breast tissue to find the ports and fill the implants this way.

Minor Surgery

Another approach to filling saline implants is with a small incision under each breast. In lieu of implants with ports, traditional saline implants still have an opening that can be reached through the incision. Then the surgeon inserts a tube with one end inside the implant and the other outside the body. Via the tube, the surgeon uses a giant syringe filled with sterile saline to enlarge the implant and breast. The process is repeated on the opposite side, and the surgery is complete after the surgeon has verified symmetry between the breasts.

When Your Current Saline Implants Are Full, but You Want to Go Bigger

In the event that you have already filled your current pair of saline implants to their max capacity, but you want bigger breasts still, you can extract the saline from the pair you have via the small incision surgery and then remove the deflated implants. Your surgeon then inserts the larger implants (which can hold even more saline than your previous pair) through the tiny incisions and carefully flattens them out against the chest wall under your breast tissue. Once they are in place, they are inflated with saline in the same way that your previous pair was, and then you have the larger breasts you were looking for.

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