Dealing With Your Jowls

Posted on: 13 September 2016

One of the unpleasant physical changes that occur in middle age is the appearance of jowls, those fatty deposits under your chin that can make you look a little like a hound dog. You can try expensive creams and prayer, but your best chance of correcting this issue is with the help of a dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon. 


Some dermatologist or other skin care experts recommend trying exercises to firm up your jaw line. Although you shouldn't expect miraculous results using this method, you may be able to reduce the sagging to some extent. One exercise involves pulling your lower lip over your upper lip and smiling while tilting your head upward. You should hold this position for ten seconds and repeat at least five times. You can find a number of these exercises online, but consult with your dermatologist for their suggestions. 


If you need more help than exercises can give but do not want surgery, you can try dermal fillers. Adding volume to your face may not seem like the answer, but if your doctor injects a filler in your cheeks and/or jawline, the added fullness can lift your sagging skin and reduce or eliminate your jowls. In addition, this practice can improve the look of your chin, another area that doesn't necessarily age well. For many people, fillers are more appealing than having a more invasive procedure done. However, dermal fillers will have to be periodically injected to maintain your new look. 

 Mini Facelift

mini facelift focuses on your jaw and cheek area and is much less invasive than a full facelift. In fact, these surgeries are also called weekend facelifts because they require very little recovery time. If you are just starting to notice skin sagging in these areas, this procedure will offer you the best results. Once the sagging becomes more pronounced, you will get a better look from a full facelift. The mini facelift can remove years from your appearance, however, and the price tag is much less than a full facelift, with the procedure costing approximately $7000. 

You have several options to reduce or eliminate your sagging jowls. Exercise and filler treatments should help, but you may eventually need to consider surgery. If you are not ready for the full facelift, ask your doctor about the mini lift. You can also ask your doctor about other methods that can improve the look of your upper face as well. 

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