Having Trouble Fitting Comfortably Into Your Designer Shoes? There Are Cosmetic Treatments That Can Help

Posted on: 15 September 2016

While you may not want to admit it, and won't stop wearing them, designer shoes can be very uncomfortable to wear. The good news is, there are a few cosmetic treatments you can undergo to stop the pain, pinching, and general uncomfortableness. In addition, many of the procedures may also increase or restore function to a toe or area of your foot.

Toe Shortening

If you have one or two toes that are longer than the others, and not in alignment, you not only have to worry about them hanging over the edge of any open-toed shoes, but also having them bunch up inside other shoes. Either way, this can be painful in the least. It may also cause sores, calluses, or bunions where the toe ends up rubbing inside your shoes because of the bunching. Having these toes shortened is one way to fix the problems. Talk with a podiatrist and cosmetic surgeon to find out all the available options and which one will work best for you.

Hammertoe Correction

Hammertoe is the result of the tendon and ligaments in the toe pulling the joint tight. This may be due to some form of arthritis or an injury to the foot, or it could be congenital. Wearing shoes becomes uncomfortable as the scrunched up toe now needs more room. In some cases, the pain is constant, even when you are not wearing shoes. Having this cosmetic treatment done will allow your toe to straighten out again so that it fits into your footwear with no pain.

Baby Toe Correction

If you suffer with a baby toe that does not sit aligned next to the other toes, if it folds under or over the fourth toe, you may want to have the angle of it rotated so it sits properly. This will not only allow you to wear shoes without discomfort, but it will also reduce the likelihood of corns, swelling, and sores forming on the toe.

There is no reason to suffer in uncomfortable shoes. If you know you are wearing the correct size, and they are still causing you pain, consider having a cosmetic procedure done. Your podiatrist is the first person to visit. Do not feel you are being silly because you want to wear great shoes; in reality, there is probably a health issue that may also be resolved. Even a small sore on your foot from a toe rubbing against the inside of your shoe can turn into a serious health condition if it gets infected. 

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