Smoking And Breast Augmentation — Three Things To Think About

Posted on: 28 June 2018

One of the questions that your cosmetic surgeon will definitely ask you when you sit down for a consultation to learn about breast augmentation surgery is whether or not you're a smoker. If you are, you might be surprised to hear that your surgeon will ask you to curb this habit before going through the procedure. In addition to being unhealthy in a wide variety of ways, smoking can potentially complicate the surgery recovery because of how it restricts the flow of blood throughout your body. Here are three things to think about when you find yourself smoking but wanting breast augmentation.

It's A Perfect Motivation To Quit

Perhaps you've wanted to quit smoking in the past or even tried, but have eventually returned to the habit because you didn't have much motivation for quitting. Given that your surgeon won't augment your breasts when you're an active smoker, you can use this procedure as the perfect motivation to quit your unhealthy habit once and for all. Try to evaluate how much you want to have this procedure done versus how much you enjoy smoking. You may indeed enjoy the habit, but if you long for larger breasts and realize that smoking is preventing you from booking the procedure, you may feel more empowered than ever to quit.

You Can Save Extra Money

You'll get a sense of the approximate cost of breast augmentation surgery during your initial consultation, and you can then assess the state of your finances and decide whether the procedure is attainable in the short term. The good news about quitting smoking before you have the procedure is that you'll save extra money. Think about how much you smoke right now and how much you spend a week on this habit, and then ask your surgeon how long you need to be smoke free before having the procedure. If you spend about $125 a week on smoking and your surgeon wants you to be smoke free for four weeks, you'll have an extra $500 in your pocket to put toward the procedure.

It'll Only Lead To Good Things

While it's true that you shouldn't smoke before your breast augmentation surgery and during the recovery, some women pick this habit back up again in the future. Instead of thinking about smoking again someday, think about bidding farewell to this habit once and for all. Doing so will only lead to positive changes in your life, such as better cardiovascular health, more desire to be active, and many other things. You may want your breasts enhanced for a number of reasons, but it's appealing that this surgery can be the catalyst for a healthier life because you've put smoking behind you.