A Look At 3 Lesser-Known Cosmetic Facial Procedures

Posted on: 25 August 2018

When most people think about cosmetic surgery on the face, the consider things like facelifts, nose jobs, and even eyelid procedures. However, the surgeons who work in this cosmetic surgery field are well versed in many different types of facial alteration procedures. Some of these procedures, like those already mentioned, are pretty heavily discussed among the general public. However, there are also facial cosmetic procedures that a lot of people do not know a great deal about. Here is a look at three of the lesser-known cosmetic surgeries that are performed on the face. 

1. Buccal Fat Removal 

Buccal fat removal, which is more commonly referred to as cheek reduction, is a cosmetic procedure that is done by removing small pockets of fat from the areas around the cheekbones. This is a procedure usually opted for by patients who want a slimmer facial profile or feel like their chubby cheeks make their whole face look bigger compared to the rest of their body. There is a pad of fat that rests just inside the cheek hollows that can be surgically removed. Filler materials are sometimes used once these pockets or pads of fat are removed to create a smooth appearance. 

2. Mentoplasty

Even though the chin rests at the bottom of the face, it is one of the more prominent features of the face. If a person's chin has certain attributes, it can change the full appearance of the face. For example, a female who has a chin that protrudes quite a bit may feel that the chin makes her face look more masculine. Mentoplasty is chin surgery that involves altering the chin by removing fat pads, filing down bony structures, and sometimes injecting filler materials. This is a common procedure among people who have a chin that they feel is too prominent. 

3. Facial Implants

Just like implants can be inserted in other parts of the body to define ship or create more fullness, implants can also be inserted in the face. Facial implants can be done on areas like the chin or cheeks, where there may need to be more definition or fullness. The implants can be made of silicone materials or material filled with saline solutions, depending on the location and what the patient is looking to achieve. For the most part, facial implants will permanently change the shape of the face, and sometimes the implants are done for patients who have sustained facial disfiguring injuries.

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