Three Non-Cosmetic Reasons To Get Cosmetic Injections

Posted on: 24 January 2022

For most people, Botox injections are considered cosmetic only. For others, the results from getting cosmetic injections can be life-changing in a whole different way than beauty or appearance alone. If you want to know more about cosmetic procedures that include Botox injections and other cosmetic injections, speak with your cosmetic surgeon.

Here, you'll learn three reasons to get cosmetic injections that aren't really considered cosmetic at all. This is to show you the versatility of Botox injections and similar injections and how they can benefit you most.

For migraines

If you have chronic migraines, then getting cosmetic injections for this purpose can be helpful. The same injections that help freeze the muscles in the face to keep wrinkles at bay help the nerves in the forehead from releasing the pain alerts — pain chemicals — to the brain. This can help prevent migraines from being so severe when they occur, bringing you lots of relief.

What makes Botox injections great for migraines is this: the injections can be repeated periodically since they do wear off within a short time, so if you have to adjust where you get the cosmetics placed or how many vials you need, you can do so for custom migraine care.

For sweating

If you sweat on your face, hands, feet, or under your arms, you may be able to use cosmetic injections to help you. If you can block pain chemicals using Botox injections or similar injections to keep migraines at bay, you can do something similar to keep your body from sweating. These special injections cause the nerve receptors that tell the body to sweat to slow down or halt. This means wherever you have the cosmetic injections placed — which can be on your palms, soles of your feet, underarms, or even parts of your face — you won't sweat as much. Again, as mentioned above, the effects do wear off so you can customize your cosmetic injections as needed.

For intercourse

Some people who suffer from provoked vestibulodynia, which is a condition where the vagina is sensitive to touch like intercourse, inserting a tampon, or other touches, have a limited or painful sex life. Botox injections can help here as well, making the vagina less sensitive to the touches that are typically uncomfortable. This can allow a person to feel more comfortable in their most intimate situations. Always have your Botox injections and other cosmetic injections done professionally by a licensed cosmetic surgeon.