Three Video Game Tattoos To Consider

Posted on: 7 April 2023

If you love video games, one idea that may appeal to you is getting a video game-themed tattoo. People usually choose tattoo designs based on things that are of interest to them, so choosing a design that pays tribute to one or more of your all-time favorite games can be a fun idea to think about and discuss with an artist at a local tattoo shop. There are all sorts of different ways that your tattoo can look. Here are some video game tattoo ideas that may interest you. 

Video Game Character

When you think about your favorite video games over the years, there's probably at least one character that has really resonated with you. It can be fun to get a tattoo that features a depiction of this character. Your tattoo artist can give you some suggestions about what size is suitable; the larger the tattoo, the more detailed the character can be. One fun idea is to have a character from a retro game that you enjoyed as a child; your artist can give the character a pixelated look that mimics the low-resolution games of the 1980s and 1990s. If you have multiple favorite characters and have trouble choosing just one, consider a piece that features a few characters.

Video Game Logo

Many video games from different eras have logos that are quickly recognizable to gaming enthusiasts, often with custom fonts and unique styles. This logo may be something that you want to have inked on your body. Many of these logos are colorful, which can create a vivid-looking piece, but you might favor a black and gray rendition if you want your piece to be subtler. In some cases, you might want your tattoo to feature the logo of your favorite video game with the main character incorporated into it.

Video Game Slogan

When you think of certain video games, specific slogans or quotes might immediately come to mind. Some can be silly and funny, while others can be thought-provoking. If there's a certain video game quote that you've always enjoyed, this can be the foundation of a tattoo. Quote or slogan tattoos can appear in all sorts of sizes and fonts. When possible, you may want to have your tattoo artist write the slogan in a font that appears in the game in some way.

Reach out to a local tattoo shop to discuss plans for a video game tattoo.