Smoking And Breast Augmentation — Three Things To Think About

Posted on: 28 June 2018
One of the questions that your cosmetic surgeon will definitely ask you when you sit down for a consultation to learn about breast augmentation surgery is whether or not you're a smoker. If you are, you might be surprised to hear that your surgeon will ask you to curb this habit before going through the procedure. In addition to being unhealthy in a wide variety of ways, smoking can potentially complicate the surgery recovery because of how it restricts the flow of blood throughout your body.
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4 Ways To Speed Up Your Recovery Time From Eyelid Surgery

Posted on: 30 May 2018
If you are planning on undergoing eyelid surgery soon, make sure that you understand what you can to do help speed up the eyelid recovery process. There are multiple steps that you can take to ensure that the eyelid recovery process goes as smoothly and as quickly as possible. 1. Take Some Time Off Work Don't expect to have eyelid surgery and go right back to work. If you are having surgery on your eyelids, take at least a week off of work.
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4 Tips For Making Dermal Fillers Last Longer

Posted on: 3 May 2018
Taking time to look your best is sure to be the ideal way to have more confidence. This can be done by having specific procedures as you begin to get older. One of the top ways to help you appear younger than your chronological age is to get dermal fillers. These will help plump up your skin and decrease the look of losing collagen. Once you go to the trouble of having this done, you'll want to ensure the results will last as long as possible.
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3 Little Lies You May Have Heard About Liposuction

Posted on: 26 March 2018
Many people use diet and exercise to try and achieve the perfect body. Unfortunately, genetics can act as a barrier against achieving your desired physique if you have stubborn fat deposits in places where you want to be lean and toned. Liposuction can be a great procedure for people who want to sculpt their bodies and refine their features. For years, many myths have been circulating regarding liposuction. Here's the truth about three little lies you may have heard regarding liposuction procedures.
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